Mastering some of today’s most advanced algae farming technologies.

In order to raise algae on a large scale and bring high product value, it is necessary to understand the physiological and biochemical characteristics of each seed strain as well as the problems in the farming process to actively control. In addition to farming on an industrial scale, investment in infrastructure and technical equipment is very important.

Among the microalgae species cultured on an industrial scale, spirulina (Spirulina platensis) was cultured the earliest at various technological scales. Algae can be grown in plastic containers, cement or composite tanks, large tanks built outdoors or in photobioreactor (PBR) systems. Chlorella vulgaris is also grown on a large scale as a nutritional supplement for human consumption, and can be grown in a race-way tank system or in a PBR system. Dunalliella algae has been grown on a large scale in Australia in tanks or glass flasks to collect β-carotene. Nanochloropsis is also grown in large tanks or in nylon bags for aquaculture.

The algae Haematococcus pluvialis is the largest source of astaxanthin currently produced in the PBR system. Depending on the goals and financial investment conditions, different farming models and scales can be built.

In Vietnam, to date only Spirulina platensis is most commonly cultured to obtain biomass to create products in fresh or dried form. Algae culture technology is relatively simple consisting of small-scale propagation in aerated plastic tanks, then rearing in larger open tanks and finally rearing in race-way tanks with indoor agitators. net. Biomass was collected using a membrane filter with a small pore size. Biomass is preserved in frozen or dried form to powder or stick form. In some production facilities with investment capacity have used the PBR system for breeding. In addition to Spirulina platensis, a number of other algae used in aquaculture are often raised on a small scale in composite tanks, cement tanks or nylon bags right at breeding facilities.