About Us

The Institute for Microalgae and Pharmacosmetics (IMPC) is a research institute under the Vietnam Academy of Agriculture.

IMPC conducts in-depth research in the fields of Microalgae Biotechnology and Cosmeceuticals. Researches include survey, assessment, isolation of microalgae genetic resources (freshwater and saltwater), building of Vietnam’s microalgal gene bank, and storage of microalgae genetic resources with potential applications in the field of microalgae. food for human health, food for aquaculture, raw materials for cosmetic pharmaceutical industry and environmental treatment.

IMPC researches and develops technologies and models for growing microalgae in raceway systems, tubular or panel photobioreactors, and induction technology for synthesizing biologically active natural compounds. Science and technology for the collection and treatment of microalgae biomass.

IMPC researches and develops pharmaceutical and cosmetic formulations based on biologically active ingredients from microalgae species, herbal extracts and fermentation technology. IMPC cooperates with domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies to develop high quality raw materials for health food and cosmetic medicine.

With the motto of basic research associated with experiment and technology transfer, IMPC brings research results from the laboratory to implementation at the Experimental Center. Thereby developing and perfecting technology, thereby linking or transferring to enterprises for production. IMPC combines research and training for students, graduate students and PhD students in the fields of Biotechnology, Biopharmaceutical Technology, food technology, aquaculture and the environment. With the development orientation to 2030, IMPC will become a strong research unit in the field of Microalgae and Cosmeceuticals.