Biomass treatment technology

Microalgae are highly productive and their biomass is valuable in industrial products ranging from biofuels, raw materials, food additives, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and as alternatives. substitutes for synthetic or animal products. However, harvesting microalgae to extract biological products is challenging due to their small size and suspension in liquid growth media. At IMPC has researched and introduced an efficient and cost-effective method of harvesting microalgae. Because of the small size of microalgae, the center is currently using a mesh filter with a very large mesh size to be able to separate the algae from the liquid medium. To treat biomass after separation from the environment, we must remove chemicals remaining in the algae by using ozonated aerated water to remove excess substances. The algae are then centrifuged to completely remove the water and recover the biomass as fresh algae.

Algae biomass after collection can be used directly as fresh algae products (frozen storage) or dried at low temperature to create raw materials to develop products in the form of capsules, tablets or as raw materials. materials for the extraction of biologically active compounds for use in pharmaceuticals as medicinal drugs or cosmetic chemicals.