Method of storing microalgae varieties

For microalgae culture, the variety introduced into the culture medium will determine the success of the production process. Therefore, parameters including seed storage conditions, rearing environment, seeding density, lighting conditions, aeration rate, and testing for contamination will directly affect the quality of seed production. final output. Here are some common methods of storing microalgae:

 Method of storage on agar plate: Take pure algae to culture on agar surface. Leave in light conditions 2 neon lights. After 8 to 10 days, when the algae colonies begin to appear, reduce the light intensity and leave it at a temperature of 20 – 22°C. This method is good for green algae. The storage time is 2 to 6 months depending on the type of algae.

 Method of keeping seed in liquid medium at 5 – 6°C in the dark: Algae puree was collected at the end of logarithmic phase when the vitality and quality of the algae was at its best. Algae are grown in test tubes, then placed in a refrigerator at 5 – 6°C. This method is used for all unicellular algae. The short storage time is only a few days (Skeletonema, Isochrysis), 2 to 3 months (green algae), 1 to 2 months for Silicon algae. After the storage period, the cultured algae grew slowly.

 Method of keeping algae in a semi-liquid environment at a temperature of 5 – 6°C in the dark: Take the magic algae and raise it in a test tube at the bottom of the agar. Then put it in the refrigerator at a temperature of 5 – 6°C when the algae reaches its maximum density. This is the most optimal method used for Almost all algae. Algae retention time is very long, from 6 to 8 months for the algae Heterogloea sp, Chllorella sp, Nannochlla oculata, 2-4 months for the algae in the genus Chaetoceros.

 Method of keeping algae in a semi-liquid medium, placed in laboratory conditions: Pure algae were grown in test tubes (10 ml), reducing light intensity when the algae reached the end of the Logarithmic phase. On a weekly basis, transfer half of the original seed volume to the new volume. This method consumes the environment, takes a lot of time to take care of, and algae are easily mixed. Mainly used with the algae Isochrysis galbana. In general, the algae Chaetoceros has a short growth cycle, the algae grow quickly and die quickly, so with any storage method, the retention time is also shorter than that of green algae. The better the quality of algae put into storage, the longer the storage time. However, the longer the storage time, the slower the algae culture will adapt to the culture environment.